The Lazarus Effect: Monsters and Misogyny


If Tim Keck hadn't fired all his writers, there would be fresh material on SLOG, instead we get this. Fuck you Tim Keck.
Thank you for at least mentioning 'Flatliners'. Within two seconds of seeing a trailer for this nonsense, I was loudly commenting to everyone in the room that it had been done, thank you very much.

"Dude republicans LMAO"

"Dude Ayn Rand LMAO"

"Here's a fawning review of a semi-popular book by a female author I'm so totally a feminist please get me laid why doesn't Gawker return my emails about that unpaid internship."

Pretty much his entire oeuvre.
Was this written by Susan Faludi? Or, some Nutcase? Or BOTH!?!
this is a good review. it helped me make up my mind about whether I should not see this movie now, or never ever see this movie.

media critics, give the stranger some space to find it's sea legs. Christ on a crutch.
I bet it's better than "Metropolis" though.
Courtney must have taken the Lindy West class on reviewing movies BECAUSE SHE WRITES THE EXACT SAME WAY. Fart joke? Check. Italics? Check. Cutesy phrases? Check. Misogyny everwhere? Check. Good grief.
Do not forget the part that when her serum was explained, it was explained not be her but by a man while she was looking nice at the camera.
who was operated by a woman , where the man only were able to comment on by talking about her looks. While the inventor was smiling like it was only normal for man to behave like that ( ps i turned the movie of so i did not even see what the author was writing about )