Don't Ignore The Hunting Ground Because of Rolling Stone's Fuckup on the Real Problem of Campus Rape

A Documentary That Shows What Courage Is Really Like


Campus rape is real, horrible, and a violent crime. Why are university officials involved in criminal investigations at all? If one is robbed in a Walmart, one would report the crime to the actual Police, not Walmart Security. Further, in loco parentis is fifty years gone. These "children" are old enough to decide to take a bullet for their country, pay taxes, and vote so let's call them what they are, "adults."
I will be Ignoring this "Documentary". As it doesn't sound like there's any kind of Balance in this movie.

What are the rape figures like for people of the same age who are not in a college residence?

What is the difference in prosecution like?

I am on the fence in the campus rape discussion (mostly because I look at Men's Rights Advocates think about rape and rape victims and am absolutely HORRIFIED) and the Rolling Stone UVA rape debacle highlights two issues that keep me from leaving the fence to join women's advocates:
1) In the event that a person or someone is wrongly accused, it seems that the accused has to have video evidence from the encounter that proves it was consensual or they have to prove that the accusation itself is fabricated out of whole cloth. Flirty text messages before and after the encounter, subsequent dates, and lengthy socialization after the encounter is not considered evidence of consent or an absence of rape (it gets explained as part of the coping/trauma)
2) That women's advocates, like in this article, are trying to pin ALL the blame on Rolling Stone, ignoring the fact that Jackie made a false accusation (an event we are told is so rare that they should be considered a non-issue). Furthermore, many of the failings of RS seem to stem precisely from what advocates are telling institutions to do - don't press the victim to clear up inconsistencies, accept a lower standard of evidence, etc. So once advocates efforts blew up in their faces, they decided to throw the person receptive to their message under the bus, as opposed to the person who made the false accusation.

Other people's thoughts are greatly appreciated.

Obviously campus rape is real and if it were up to me I'd chemically sterilize rapists but the 20-25% meme is bullshit and easily discredited with a Google search. If you're going to be a "feminist writer" you're not doing your vanity cause any favors recycling this kind of tripe.

The only place to define this is in the law, not the campus rulebook.

If a person gets raped they shouldn't call the campus authorities, or walk around with a mattress on their head, or write diatribes in a Facebook feed.

They should call the cops, recount the events, present evidence and let the cards fall where they may.

And if people feel the law is insufficient in defining evidentiary requirements (both men and women may feel this way) or punishment, then work to change the laws.

"In the spring of 2011, Swarthmore students John Doe and Jane Doe shared a kiss. A few days later, they escalated their sexual contact but did not have intercourse. Shortly after that, there was a third rendezvous; by Jane’s own admission she came to John’s room and initiated consensual intercourse. Nineteen months after these events, Jane reconsidered what had happened and brought a complaint to the school that she had been coerced during the first and second encounters. The school investigated, but took no disciplinary action against John. Then two Swarthmore students filed a Title IX complaint with the OCR. Within two weeks the school reopened its investigation of John, quickly found him responsible for sexual assault, and expelled him. [Swarthmore eventually vacated the finding after John sued.]"…
Wow, picking sides with different studies is a huge waste of time. This is obviously a problem in our society and not limited to colleges or somehow unique to them. Look at the problems in Alaska, you legitimately need to be crazy to want to raise a couple of daughters in some of those communities.

Clinging to 1 in 5 statistics just seems so close minded. Please, we can have a good discussion about this but don't let mens rights people come off as reasonable. There is reasonable ground to stake out that yea our culture jokes about getting raped in jail too much, yea rape victims go through all kinds of trauma related to their story not being believable. All sort of problems with this stuff. One problem we don't need is hanging on to outrageous numbers to get people's attention because defense mode is too easy to go into when better numbers supports your 'side'
definitely want to see this movie-- but the big unanswered question in this review is --where was the criminal justice system?- rape is a major crime-- the criminal justice system should be on the front lines when there is a rape-- rapists need to be prosecuted and jailed --this is not the mission of colleges or educational institutions
@8 It's men's rights people who have pointed out that the 1 in 5 number is bullshit. It's thanks to the persistence of men's rights types that reasonable people are now aware that the 1 in 5 number is incorrect. But the same people continue to vilify men's rights types. Weird.
@11 What a fantastic contribution to humanity. What are they working on now?