Melanie Griffith, Her Parents, and Her Siblings Deal with Some Badass Big Cats in Roar


I went to a midnight showing of this last week and it was pandemonium, with the audience shouting back at the screen and erupting in peals of laughter. The acting is uniformly awful — and I say that as someone who has met (and was charmed by) Tippi Hedren and generally admires her other performances. Apparently she requires the strong direction that was so lacking here — as does any 14-year-old, which is why Melanie Griffith gets a pass.

There's barely a fiber of a plot, the action gets repetitive, and the happy ending is ridiculous, but it held my attention if for no other reason than the rawness of the cats' menacing and mauling. Every member of the cast was seriously injured, and they left all that footage in. Whoever described this as "the most expensive home movie ever" hit it on the nose.
@1 Agreed. Hedren gives the best performance, but that isn't saying much. Considering she was fighting for her life, I find that easy to forgive. She also wrote a book about the experience:…
It's a dumb movie, but it was working on this film that prompted her work with big cats. She runs a preserve in CA for big cats, elephants, and other exotic animals abused or with nowhere else to go.
I can't wait to see this movie! The movie sounds so dumb and awesome simultaneously. I had read about Tippi Hedren's work w/exotic animals. She does fundraising events for her labor of love. meow.
Slog life.
I'll bet that house smelled really bad.
@7 I had the same thought. I've read different accounts as to the number of big cats (lions, tigers, jaguars, etc.) on their property--130? 150? That's a lot of poop.