Legends from the Sky Is Set on a Navajo Reservation, Involves a UFO, and Has So-So Special Effects


Thanks for that kind-of review in the last paragraph? Is it that bad?
The trailer looked like an episode of Navajo Cops...with aliens.


I'm curious if this movie has a guerrilla marketing campaign attached to it. I've been seeing a surge of internet posts talking about skinwalkers, sasquatch and other Navajo folklore in the last few months. Like very time somebody posts to Reddit about seeing something odd in the woods, another poster jumps in and says "skinwalkers!"

I thought it seemed a bit artificial, as if a small number of people were working to make it a thing. My first thought was that it was being done as part of the X-Files reboot publicity.

In general I've been looking for any information on the "business" of paid trolls, putting information into public fora as if they were individuals. Are they contracted service businesses or just people who are part of an organizations promoting a viewpoint. Who runs these businesses. Who works for them. How much are they paid. How do you contact them.

I notice similar patterns of flurries of similar comments all using the same catch phrases and taglines for various issues. Also I'm amazed when at times they constitute the majority of a forums comments, but then just as suddenly disappear when the issue is over with (cf. Publicola and DBT).