Shouting into the Void in The Water Diviner


I'm still trying to get through Transformers IV: The Ark...or as Crowe titled it, "Noah".

Little did I know that giant cynical rock creatures would be Noah's friendly buddies who appear just in time to scare bad guys that look like VISA Vikings.

Or that somehow his family would seem at home at Vashon Island (the kids' Biblical names are just right, and a bony wife who dries spices all day).
Women-in-refrigerators explained for people like me who haven't taken women's studies courses.…
Jesus. Three mid-article advertisements on mobile?
In fact this movie is all bad, because it is mostly cover for a sub plot that defames genocide vistims and trys to show them as perpetrators. At the same time is attempts to leave the impression that they were not long term inhabitants but short term invaders. Please read https://twentiethcenturyconfidential.wor… to understand why denial of the Greek Genocide is the hidden message.