Paul Feig's Spy Is So Good, I Don't Know Where to Start

But I Hate This Promotional Photo of Melissa McCarthy, So I Guess I'll Start There


I think you're being too harsh on that photo. I don't see a dopey fat person being made fun of there; I see a person who inadvertently has driven her moped into wet cement and is thus made the subject of derision by the construction workers who have been laying said cement. It could happen to the skinniest of us.
I don't think Lindy West is going to happy when she finds out you guys have been stealing her reactionary pro-fat propaganda articles.
I'm with #1. It could be Pee Wee Herman in that photo and it would still be the same joke. The weight of the person on the scooter is secondary.
Guys, skinny people wouldn't sink, is the assumption?
Rose Byrne is right in my wheelhouse, the same way Bernadette Peters is. I'm there.
You used to be fat?! Makes me respect you more, a life experience that often builds empathy, as evidenced by this post.
I once asked a guy out right after he told me he was fat in high school. He didn't know he was hot! So hot.
Is this the same guy that said Mad Max was the best movie of the year?
As a former fat person myself, I do not see this as a fat joke. Anyone would sink, if no one was on it it would sink. Also, you didn't mention that Melissa is 50 lbs down and loosing since making this film. It's getting so you can't make jokes about anything anymore. Shaming and jokes are two different things.
Best thing about this movie? I get to see Allison Janney in a great Allison role too!
I just saw this film downtown. And I'm sorry that the $10.50 I paid contributed to the Box Office Take of this film.
The lamest thing about that photo is that the tire track doesn't extend beyond the frame.
For what it's worth, my interpretation of the photo was that she drove her moped into the cement on purpose, because the construction workers had been assholes or something. Her smile suggests a feigned regret/apology, nor a real one.

@12, I noticed that too.
I thought it was a fat joke, as in: she thinks the construction workers are paying attention to her because she looks good, but instead she's just fat and ruining the new cement with her fatness. It struck me as cruel, portraying her as both hapless and dim. But maybe that's not the case, given Feig's outlook and efforts. At least it sounds like the movie rises above that outlook.
@12, 13: See the construction worker in the upper right? He's standing on a platform that she just ramped off, so she landed in the concrete, not knowing it was there.

I thought it was a "mark of civilization's progress" that we see multiple shots of a guy's erect penis on a big screen (when the team is looking at a bad guy's camera and find his selfie dick pics in among the collection). It came as such a surprise that I immediatley burst out laughing. I probably missed a shot or two because I was laughing so hard from the unexpected male nudity, blown up to at least 4 ft tall on the big screen.

I'd definitely recommend this one to anyone that enjoys Melissa McCarthy. No one can quite rattle off a string of insults, taunts, and put-downs like she can.