Scenes from the War Against Black People

10 Crucial Films About One Crucial Subject


You forgot every Tyler Perry movie which always depict black men as either brutal sociopaths or inept fools.
why don't black writers attempt to write without inserting anything about black? Do you doubt your writing abilities? You ain't the only ones, lots of feminist, ethnic writers can't write a damned thing without grinding their little axe. It's tiring, just rely on your own abilities for once and let the chips fall. Lots of professors running around campuses all over the country bilking a career out of some percieved oppression. Not saying it's not real, I'm saying you guys are all fucking exploiting it for your selves and some of us (who do happen to deal with true oppression every day) are getting tired of watching it.
@2, who gives a shit what you and your "some of us" are tired of?

maybe black writers, feminist writers, and ethnic writers are tired of y'all weak ass?

that said, you clearly haven't read a great deal of what Charles has written, so why give him advice on what to write about?
Ya, I know you don't give a shit, I'm just saying. Rely on your talent some time or are you too afraid that you can't make it that way? There are millions of subjects to write on, but the Mizell's, the Mudede's, the Alexie's etc.., etc.., are too shallow and too insecure to write on another subject. The people they claim to represent are the "y'all weak ass" that you refer to. If a writer wants to claim to represent anyone else, they have to understand that maybe they don't want you talking for them. I've seen too many lame "intellectuals" who are nothing more and have never been nothing more than kiss asses because you do have to be a kissass (in most cases) to make it in that world. Who signs your check? A white boy so shut the fuck up and go kiss that white ass.
@2 - The reason we white people don't insert anything about being white into our art is that we don't have to; "white" is, in the West, the neutral, the default. It's easy, and awfully small, of us to lecture those who don't have that privilege for having the gall to notice their condition of "otherness" and exploring it (or even exploiting it; a fair amount of brilliant art has been made in the name of exploitation).
Cinema has always been where things that can't be talked about get talked about. Horror and sci fi even more so. How about the original "Night of The Living Dead"? Or, long forgotten, "The Omega Man".
For shame Charles, where's Melvin Van Peebles Sweet Sweetback??????????
I saw Brother from Another Planet as a high-school kid. We had no idea what it was. It played in the basement of the public lubrary as part of some rep film festival. My Canuck friends and I who only knew about slavery fron Roots and a bit if US history were blown away by Brother. An absolute gem of a movie that deserves many many more screenings.
@18, I also loved that movie. Very much.

@19, What's it to ya?
"Being black here is as bad as being black on the planets that orbit the stars we see at night."

Charles, it's sad that that's all you got from Brother from Another Planet. Seems to me a complete mis-read of the film.

You're spot-on about 48 Hours, though. "Bummer" is too nice a word.