The Eternal Re-Terminator

Schwarzenegger Is Back (as Promised) in a Loopy Reboot of His Only Great Film


Lie. Total Recall was also a great film.
Has anyone ever noticed that that the original Terminator borrows heavily from the 1972 Doctor Who serial "Day of The Daleks"? Granted, it's a cheaply knocked out TV production, but the basic concept is there: Future war between humans and machines, human goes back in time to the present day to fire a bullet that will change the course of the war.
@2 The Terminator pulls ideas from a few sources. Check out "Colossus: The Forbin Project".
These people that mention Total Recall as a great film are either stupid or trying to trick you into agreeing with a stupid and uninformed opinion.
"Conan The Barbarian" doesn't count?
Pfft. "Pumping Iron" is cinematic gold.
I'm surprised Charles doesn't write about the role of dogs in the Terminator films.
@2 The Terminator borrows liberally from a large number of sources, several of which predate "Day of the Daleks" and indeed were probably influences on that as well.

James Cameron made the mistake of mentioning in public that he had been influenced by several episodes of the original The Outer Limits TV series, primarily Demon with a Glass Hand and Soldier, both written by Harlan Ellison and both aired in 1964: for his honesty he was sued by Ellison for copyright infringement, which is why there is an oddly phrased credit for Ellison at the end of the first two movies.
I recommend ”Gödel, Escher, Bach - An Endless Golden Braid" by Douglas Hofstadter for a further exploration of these concepts.

Seriously. Massive oversight. Total Recall is awesome.
Some day in the future, Charles Mudede will be forced to go back in time to withdraw his present time statements about Arnold and the Terminator and so forth. At that (present/future) time, I will rejoice in Charles' forced backwards travel, as he is clearly wrong in his statements of Arnolds Past/Present/Future acting abilities.

On that day, I did/am/will clap/clapping/clap.
@9, @9, @9...
Harlan Ellison sues movie creators all the time. It's not as if his sci-fi ideas are exceptionally original. He is as derivative as all authors. He just likes to grandstand and see his name in credits.
Total Recall is a counter-capitalist masterpiece. Pretty decent cameo in The Long Goodbye as well :P
Total Recall Conan the Barbian and the greatest Arnold movie Commando Predator was an ensemble so your title for your article is just wrong also True Lies