Tom Cruise Running in Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation


TMZ took their cameras into a restaurant bathroom after Cruise had just exited. There is plain evidence, yes, he had a case of the .runs.
WTF ^^^
> WTF[?]

It's simple, and on-topic: they're all Tom Cruise crazy.

(Just be glad it's them, not you.)
Great, another homophobe so obsessed with Dan it's making him Craaaazy! Dan IS irresistible man-meat, amirite? Tom Cruise too. Too bad Dan didn't write this. Nor will he read it. You would think Dan has some kind of super-power, the way he drags these guys here against their will, pries their eyelids open Clockwork Orange-style, and makes them read what he's written. And then makes them dream about him too. That's it, itsatree, seattleblues, dot-troll, her-Majesty-Gomorrah-troll: all your problems can be blamed on Dan.

@2, Yes yes... you're just about the exact same age as Jesus. And Ichthyosaurs. (Except they roamed California millions of years ago).

OK, I'm pushing a bit, and picking on you here because this is not normal ways of thinking, and I'm not sure you realize that. Schizophrenia is somewhat reversible if caught in the prodromal stage. Please take care of this problem as soon as possible.
I am Tom Cruise's stunt runner. I'm sorry to say he doesn't do his own running, although he still does his own walking, unlike most of Hollywood. The magic of CGI.
I thought he was pretty good in "Collateral." Otherwise I don't remember much about him.
@2 through @20

VERY enjoyable read. yes, fun fun unique writing. AND Awesome links. Please come back next weekend, or wait til september, whenever. All this local politics bullshit is vomiting on top of the craziness for which I like The Stranger. You have Style and Intelligence, and everyone is afraid to admit it. Blessed be the ignored.
Great, so Tom runs a lot in a lot of movies. But is this movie, the one you're supposedly reviewing, any good? Maybe you guys need to read up on what a review is supposed to be.
Wait -- the comments jump from #1 to #21? I feel like i'm missing something.
#30, I assure you you missed nothing.