Sicario Refuses to Evaporate from Your Memory


I saw this movie with a friend. During one scene she grabbed my arm so hard it bruised. That's how good it is. It's not a realistic picture of the Drug War as such, or even the cartels, but what is absolutely realistic is what the Drug War has wrought in existential terms, how far it has stretched the capacities of modern states to order, condone, and witness private cruelty under the aegis of public service. Where Black Mass was a leaden, self-important, Oscar-bait opportunity for Johnny Depp to play the creep, Sicario is a genuine question being posed (indirectly) for posterity: How much are we willing to sell of ourselves to keep the cheap labor of the Americas at bay? That is why, after all, there is a border, and it's because there is a border that drugs are hard to move, and it's because the drugs are hard to move that are worth enough to kill for.