Post-Nazi Germany Faces the Dark Truth in Labyrinth of Lies


I've often wondered how modern Germans perceive the war and the holocaust. We traveled in Bavaria two years ago and came upon a pretty striking museum in Berchtesgaden. The written displays were strictly and intentionally in German - their point that this museum was for Germans first. We tourists used hand-held translators pressed to our ears. It basically explored how/why Hitler and his party were able to gain power and commit such unspeakable crimes. It was presented as a shameful, cautionary tale. It was powerful.
Aside from that though, folks I spoke to kind of brushed off the history. They didn't deny anything, but didn't really want to talk about it.
Upon returning home, I read a good deal online and this one person's comment stuck with me: "as German students, we are told that 'there was a horrible war. We started it. We lost.""
Thanks for the tip on this film. I'll check it out.
@1, so they talk about it like American's tend to talk about slavery and the massacre of the native peoples who were here before the white people showed up?