Mockingjay Part 2 Is a Great Reminder to Not Split Up Your Thrilling Conclusion


Unnecessary splitting of a single narrative into two lesser halves: is this new cynical Hollywood trend another sin we can lay at the feet of Stephenie Meyer?
Part 1 was pretty dull, but having just marathoned the first three movies, I found it to be a welcomed break. Part 2 was a non-stop roller coaster of emotional extremes and suspense, so I needed that rest beforehand.

Also, why the fuck are you telling us to watch the Divergent movies? The books were a steaming pile of crap (I only made it through the first one, but from what I hear, they only got worse) and the movie is sadly being faithful to the crappiness. I'll take the creative and intricately woven plot of the Hunger Games books, especially with their heartbreaking irony, over the flat characters and dull storyline of Divergence anyday.