Never Mind the Paris Climate Summit, Bikes vs. Cars Shows How Fucked We Really Are


Thanks for the tip, Charles - I will definitely check this out. That quote about the air quality PPM threshold is chilling.
"That quote about the air quality PPM threshold is chilling." ironic, considering warming is our problem.

Thanks, Charles.
this first paragraph of anthropocentric pseudo-philosophical drivel is a lame introduction. if we're causing the extinction, we know better and should be ethically compelled to do something. the currency of the biosphere is biodiversity, and we're hurting ourselves by draining the account if snuffing out millions of years of evolution for each species for human materialism and overpopulation is not egregious enough.
Traffic jams provide time to contemplate.
Chinese bought cars for the same reasons Americans, Germans, and Albanians buy cars. The rate of industrial growth and corresponding wealth of individual Chinese provide the means to own a car. It got them off bikes. It's not just bikes though. It's happy consumerist. Can you blame them? Starbucks, iPhones, and K-pop. Hello world!

The country built massive public and well run transportation system and still couldn't keep up with the crazy population growth of old and new cities. Just think how compress in time their industrial revolution occurred compared to the US. They did it in 25 years. With such ability, they'll get their best scientists and industrial espionage hackers to work on remediation. I bet they'll be able to reduce their carbon emissions faster and more successfully- when and where they want to.
@5 Would you like fresh ground pepper on your word salad?
What a laugh .... like some shadowy evil corporate influence is the reason we still burn fossil fuels in our cars. The real reason that the vast majority of cars still burn gas is that battery technology sucks and shows little sign of improvement.

Range anxiety is fact, not fiction. Sure, your little Nissan Leaf is fine for a city commute, but try driving the thing to Spokane. On US 2. In the winter. Suddenly, your little car is not nearly as versatile as you might have believed.
@6, IKR. Should've stuck with Charles' prokaryote and eukaryote soup instead.
@herrbrahms: That's why we have to build HSR systems (either steel rail or maglev) so that we don't have to be so dependent on cars, buses, and planes to get from city to city and town to town in (North) America. We also have to start building our cities like Germany's or any other place in Europe and Scandinavia.
@Sky Captain: I'm all in favor of high speed rail. Truly. I imagine a future where people even load their cars on the train to take road trips to places like Yellowstone.

But we are not redesigning our cities at this point. There are trillions of dollars in invested infrastructure that we are not going to throw away. People want personal mobility in addition to public transportation.