The Film I Liked Too Much in 2015, The Film I Liked Not at All, and the Film I Thought I Liked Until I Realized I Didn't

A Few Movie-Related Regrets


So what? You're a corporate hack who provided the review for Star Wars that Disney and your employer wanted you to give.

And the fact you couldn't see beyond the hype and give an honest review of the movie that I guess you now didn't like says more about you than it does capitalism.
And yeah..I know you're trying to be sarcastic or witty or something for the regrets issue. But to be honest, you all need to think of something fresh to end the year with than the same old variations of a worn out theme.

It's no wonder print media is dead
Good read--forthright, enjoyable. I'll watch Star Wars via to minimize karmic debt.
@1 - Not sure you understand what you read here. He gave an honest review of the movie, but he's sorry afterward that he liked it. In fact, his whole point is that he feels like his liking it and then telling people that is bad for society.

It's one thing to criticize print and Mudede (both past their expiration date) but try to actually comprehend what's written before revealing yourself to be just another dumb motherfucker with an ax to grind.
I am ashamed at the lack of Chinese movie reviews by The Stranger.
"I very well know I would have served society better if I had hidden all of the pleasure this Hollywood spectacle gave me and written a sharply negative review."

You greatly overestimate your impact on society.
Good god, man. I hope I never get stuck sitting next to you on an airplane.
It's getting to the point where I need to resort to reading the Seattle Weekly to get a movie review that is actually about the movie. Here's a New Year's resolution: no more self-referencing, pointing out racism, capitalism, Marxism or Eva Green's eyeballs in your reviews.
Go see Force Awakens again it remains great. Read Team Rodent if you feel the need for a corrective…
I like Eva Green's... eyes... too.
"You greatly overestimate your impact on society. "

You greatly overestimate your awareness of sarcasm.
@10: Well, any time anyone expresses criticism of his meandering, pseudointellectual navel-gazing drivel, he retorts with "slog giggles lol" so it's really hard to tell with him. It's all sarcastic/drivel.
Charles, I regret wasting even the slightest amount of time reading your inane caterwauling. I won't make the same mistake in 2016.
It's wasn't a "woman" pounding her vagina with a cross in the Exorcist, it was a girl.
I could not resist praising The Force Awakens to the highest of heavens. I betrayed you all, my comrades. I'm no better than the rest of the deluded masses. I gave my oppressors money to oppress me even more. I just can't stop loving the Millennium Falcon.

I saw it this week. Enjoyed it, but more like up to the top of Denali instead of the highest of heavens. I thought the new little droid was one of the best touches. I liked the new leads but neither the Ridley nor Boyega nor Isaac character had the swagger of the original Han Solo. The very end was quite predictable but I still liked it. Also loved the scenery at the very end and wasn't sure how much was real (Skellig Rocks, County Kerry, Ireland) and how much was digital.
After a unit on stocks for my 4th grade GT math class, my parents bought me a single share of Disney (which, since 1988, has split several times). I am super excited that this means Charles is writing about me.