Will Smith's Fall from Commercial Grace

Or, I'm the DJ, He's the Former Number-One Box-Office Star in the World


And he's widely rumored to be a Scientologist. Good riddance
Sure is a lot of Will Smith hate in there. A guy's not allowed to be in a bad movie and still be considered a good actor? Remember, Dan Aykroyd was in "Blues Brothers 2000".
i think it started when he decided he needed to tell us how good of an actor his son was. That's when he lost credibility with everyone
Will Smith has never been considered a good actor.
This movie is a dog, and con movies are my fave genre!
cold piece. perhaps he's facing his mortality now that his kids are more 'relevant' than him. he's getting really weird in interviews too, it's great. after all these years I still can't believe it's the Fresh Prince.
This is pretty shit writing, even for Mudede. "We must remember that Will Smith is an empty human being"? Must we?
I think Charles doesn't care for Will Smith.
I am thankful for Will Smith and his courage to chase after his dreams while entertaining us and improving our economy along the way. He is one of the great contributors of our society among many other things. I hope his next movie is great and if not...it's okay...I'm sure he'll try again...this is part of what it means to be American and have the freedom to fall, learn and try again. His Wins far out-weigh his losses.
@9: Hubbardologist, I'm guessing.
I have always found Will Smith entertaining. As long as there's some tongue in cheek humor, it works. He can pull off a serious moment, but he's not a dramatic actor. His downfall started when the Smith family started to get press. I like Will, but can't stand his kid. That's one giant ego in a kid's body. The family has fallen into the celebrity abyss. His wife is now doing a hit show, but I never thought her portfolio of work was anything more than meh. I'm always disappointed when fame takes it's toll. Not sure if it's too much money or just overgrown egos.
WS is/was a Movie Star. He is not an Actor. Never has been. Never will be. He doesn't have The Chops.