Buzzard: Slackers, Dorito Pizzas, and Stolen Checks


Cheers for the review, Kelly O.! FYI: We also shot in Allegan, MI. Including the opening scene. -Ella S. (crew member, fellow Michigander, & former Orcas Is. resident who now lives in Allegan)
Jackitansky is most likely a Russian name. Polish names tend to end in an i.
As near as I can tell, the only word of this movie review that actually provides an *opinion* about the movie - as opposed to merely summarizing the premise or providing plot anecdotes or mentioning which bands are used for the soundtrack - is "hilarity". (Normally I'd give you credit for the prior adjective as well, but the deadpan part is pretty obvious from the trailer.) This reads like a typical surface-level movie summary on Netflix. Next time, try providing your readers with more opinion words - really, it's OK to judge the merits of the work in a movie review. Perhaps start with the assumption that anybody who has taken the time to find and read this review is trying to decide whether the movie is worth seeing.
@1 - I don't know how Allegan got left out. It was in my original notes. Never leave out Allegan. Or Kalamazoo, or Bilbo's Pizza in Kalamazoo either.