...is one of life's greatest pleasures and privileges. Each week, The Stranger's Chow section evaluates local providers of this pleasure and privilege—but can a couple reviews a week do justice to a grub-hungry city like Seattle, where Thai restaurants outnumber Thai people six to one?

Of course not—hence Food Fight, The Stranger's new Chow Quarterly, a four-times-a-year battle royale to find the best of the best of Seattle's edible offerings. In this premiere installment, you'll find Stranger food writers angling to determine the very best purveyors of key culinary delights, from crêpes and martinis to fried chicken and the various products of the wok. Beyond the edible, Charles Mudede assesses the literary value of local chefs' cookbooks, and Jen Graves compares Seattle's restaurant art. Got ideas for future Food Fights? Send 'em to foodfight@thestranger.com. For now, say your prayers and dig in.