Can you describe your perfect day off from work?It would be a beautiful sunny day and I'd be out surfing on some nice baby waves, followed by a meal of beer and tacos.

What would be your fantasy revenge to inflict on a shitty customer?I believe strongly in karma, so my revenge would be bad restaurant karma for eternity. The dish they ordered would never taste as good as it sounded, the wine wouldn't be quite right, their credit card would be denied, etc. In the end, they would never have a satisfying food experience.

Have you ever had sex in La Fontana Siciliana, or been thinking about work during climax?No. Luckily, I'm disconnected from my work to that extent.

Then give me a tangible example of your commitment to your work.I would take a punch in the gut for my job. I love what I do.

How often are you hit on by customers?Not that often. I'm the daughter of the owners.

Have you ever waited on a celebrity?Yes, we have several celebrities that stop by on a regular basis. I won't tell you who they are because that would blow their anonymity and they might stop coming.

Do they tip like rock stars or weathermen?They tip fairly.

Ever had to throw someone out?No. I have also not been vomited on.

If you had to recommend a delicious hangover cure, what would it be?Our beef ravioli with tomato mascarpone.

Interview by Cienna Madrid