Are you a fish lover and, if so, can you please tell me a sentimental story?

Yes. The fondest memories I have are of fishing the Skagit River with my dad. We go out a few times every year. A couple of years back I caught a silver salmon. They tend to jump when you hook them, unlike king salmon, which dive. So when I caught mine, it jumped out of the water, the sun hit it just right and it lit up beautifully. It was awesome.

Do you believe fish have feelings?

I guess so. I mean, yeah. I believe that animals have feelings.

Have you ever kept fish as pets?

Yes, I've had a few angelfish and goldfish.

Have you ever killed a fish with your bare hands?

Yes, although mostly you do it with rocks or heavy sticks. Or whatever else is handy.

What is your favorite item on the menu, currently?

The northwest duet, which is pieces of salmon and halibut cooked on a slab of alder wood. The flavors are subtle, smoky, and delicious.

Interview by Cienna Madrid