How long have you been in the cookie business?

For about two and a half years. I sell them wholesale from my website and at the Fremont market, along with flourless chocolate cakes and European-style hot chocolate.

How did your recipe evolve?

I started out making cookies from The Joy of Cooking for fun, and then I came upon ingredients I didn't even know existed—imported chocolates and cocoas—and I played around until I had a unique recipe.

Unique how?

As a kid, my father traveled a lot, and he'd bring me back small bars of dark, rich European chocolate. It sparked within me a lifelong love affair with chocolate that my recipes try to satisfy. My desserts are intense and chocolaty without being overly sweet.

When did you begin selling them to the public?

When my girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer, I baked cookies for her support group. One of the women said they were so good I should pitch my cookies to Starbucks. That's when I began seriously thinking about selling them.

Is your European hot chocolate made from scratch as well?

Yes. It is much thicker and creamier than most hot chocolates. Exactly seven people have told me that my hot chocolate is reminiscent of Angelina's in Paris. They're famous for their hot chocolate. I've never been to Paris or sampled Angelina's myself, but exactly seven people can't be wrong.