How's barista life treating you?

Fuel's an awesome place to work in general. Customers are great, and Washington Ensemble Theatre is right next door, so on show nights we get great crowds.

Did you catch WET's production What Is Sexy? last month?

Yes. Actually, I filled out one of the sex surveys that they used in the show. And a coworker of mine was interviewed.

So what foods do you find sexy?

Döner, which is this Turkish sandwich made on triangular bread with a huge chunk of meat, cabbage, and strange sauces. Also, iced soy hazelnut lattes.

What is the least attractive substance you have ever put in your mouth?

Heart and stomach stew. I lived in Germany for a while, and at the time I was willing to try anything. My host-mom made the stew as a special surprise, because her kids really liked it. I gagged and gagged.

What do you when you're not working here?

I'm a lesbian, so I hang out with lesbians. We do lesbian stuff. Eventually, I'd like to go back to school and study German, or open up a cafe of my own somewhere.

Interview by Cienna Madrid