What inspired you to make your Honey-Chipotle Hot Sauce?

We keep bees. I love spiciness, I love to cook, and we've always dabbled with honey. My sons Zane and Zack, the names behind our company, have their own hives.

Do you often experiment on your children?

We started out by torturing our friends. The initial batches were way too hot, but now the flavor starts sweet and then you feel the heat and smokiness, followed by garlic.

What dishes do you usually spice up with this sauce?

It's great on burgers. That's how we got the idea to market it—we took some to a barbecue and everyone encouraged us to start selling it. It's also great on brats, chicken enchiladas, eggs, and crab cakes. Or you can mix it with sour cream or cream cheese for an easy dip.

Where do you sell your Honey-Chipotle Hot Sauce?

At the Renton Thriftway, Kent Valley Harvest, Magnolia Thriftway, Made in Washington stores, and the Ballard Sunday Farmers' Market. Soon we'll be selling it through Whole Foods.

What's your "chipotle challenge"?

It's mostly for my amusement. If you can eat a whole jar in two minutes, I'll give you two jars for free. Someone managed to do it last week.

That sounds like a kick in the pants! Do you have a real job?

I'm a painting contractor.

Interview by Cienna Madrid