Food & Drink May 24, 2007 at 4:00 am

A Culinary Experiment in Boiling Oil


You should have coated the spam in some flour first, as you would a veal cutlet or a piece of chicken you are about to fry.
i wrote for my high school newspaper, too. is that your target audience? this is borderline short bus filler material. and, yes, you should have chosen a different breading option for the spam.
wow what a downer jen. i thought it was freakin hialrious! keep up the good work
Gee Jen, even the spamspamspam guy had constructive criticism. I wish I had been in the tasting gallery.
I can't really blame Jen here- the mention of Dante's makes my skin crawl, too. Jen just sounds like a miserable person who holds everyone else in contempt for her lack of ambition and subsequent success. Bet she's a firecracker in bed, though, barring horrible disfigurement, which would also explain her nasty disposition.
This is so Midwest!
You didn't deep fry candybars? How about a deep-fried Baby Ruth?
having been on the working end of those type of fryers for way too many frikkin hours, the odd notion to just start pitching things in does come over you. You hear good things about twinkys.
But my two personal favs were apples... and for more haute... a fried egg. Simply crack egg into deep fryer and you get a visually stunning, if not terribly appealing, bit of protein.
Oh, and sometimes the apples do pop a bit. But I wish I was there for the tilapia.

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