Attention food eaters: It is my great pleasure to announce that The Stranger's restaurant listings are now tricked-out to accept reader reviews. Why is this so effing great? Because, as the recent Cafe Stellina fracas made clear, diners' experiences are freakishly subjective, restaurant offerings are sometimes wildly varied, and having an ever-expanding backlog of real-life reviews will give every diner that much more information about where to eat and what to expect.

So go nuts! Write about places you love! Bitch about places you hate! Enjoy the love-writings and bitchings of your fellow diners! Already, the reader-supplied offerings provide invaluable info and rewarding reading. Case in point: this couplet about Capitol Hill's thrifty and delicious pan-Asian eatery Ballet, which sums up Ballet's thrift-to-deliciousness ratio perfectly:

If it's better, it's three times as much

If it's cheaper, it's three times worse


To view more reader reviews and compose your own, go to; the most eloquent, poetic, and hilarious input will be excerpted sporadically in this very space.