What does it take to work at the airport?

Lots of time—getting to work is a hassle. You either have to pay $50 a month for employee parking (and then take a bus in from the employee parking lot), $20 a day to park in the regular lot, or bus in. I park at a friend's house a half hour away and walk.

How do airport diners compare to customers in regular restaurants?

No one comes to the airport to have a good time. Plus, they've just come through security, so they're pissed. Also, everybody has money. There are no prices on our menus (because the food is expensive), but I never have customers asking about prices.

Any customers who you love or hate to serve?

We love Vegas flights—they're great tippers. Working in the south satellite with the international flights sucks because no one tips. They know they're supposed to, but they don't anyway because they're from Amsterdam or wherever.

Any perks to working in an airport taproom, like beer for breakfast?

Sadly, no. There's this rule that if you work in the airport, you can't drink in the airport—ever. We do get a 30 percent discount on duty-free stuff.

What would you do if you could quit this job tomorrow?

I'd be a publisher and read and critique plays, scripts, novels to see if they would get published or not.