"At first I thought it was about a dildo," says the bartender. "Then I figured it must be baseball jargon. Finally, I just asked the owner what it meant. It turns out the Double Header got its name because it was the first Seattle bar to have a ladies' room as well as a men's room—this was back when no other taverns would serve women." The historic toilet rests in the humblest of one-stall bathrooms, past a set of walls lined with antique photographs of drag queens and dust-covered taxidermy deer heads. But beyond its enchanted past, the oldest gay bar in America (!) also brings present joy to pull-tab investors and bargain-brew seekers. Happy hour specials include $2.50—$3 pints, $7.50—$8.25 pitchers (Bud, Michelob, Henry's, Alaskan), and $3 wells. (The Double Header, 407 Second Ave, 464-9918. Happy hour Mon—Thurs 4—7 pm, Sun 10 am—midnight.)