After working here for five years, do you notice any patterns in cake consumption?

Lots of our customers are couples and many are on first dates, which is pretty fun to watch.

What's the most popular pick for first dates?

It'd have to be either the strawberry white-chocolate cake, or the chocolate—white chocolate. Those are the most popular; although the chocolate caramel is my personal favorite.

Is there a dark, depressing side to selling cake to fledgling lovers?

Not really. It's cake, right? Nothing cheers people up like a hunk of cake. Plus, it's really relaxed here and the owners are great people. They're like working with family. Plus, you get to develop relationships with the regulars who come in.

So everything's sugar and light in the cake business?

Pretty much. Around here, we firmly believe cake is a kind of cure-all. Hangovers, bad days, crappy weather, sunburns, bad moods, uncomfortable dates, all of it dissolves like cake in your mouth. Especially the chocolate fudge cake. It's comfort food.

Do you cater or make wedding cakes?

We take special orders, but we don't cater and we don't make specific wedding cakes. Although our cakes would be delicious at weddings.

What do you do when you're not selling slices of happiness?

I go to school at UW. I'm double majoring in English and French.