Okay, it's a chain. But each franchise is locally owned, the bread is baked on-site, and they give you free slices of bread and butter (or honey!) while you're waiting. Plus, everything's made from whole-grain organic Washington wheat. Also, I don't know if it's some sort of chain dictate, but the employees always seem to be sincerely happy—not faux would-you-like-a-Frappuccino happy, but actually, really, making-your-sandwich-with-love happy.

Grab the little clipboard on the counter and fill out what you want in your sandwich. This nifty little feature means you don't have to tell the sandwich maker "no onions" three times only to find them in there anyway. For seven dollars you get a huge sandwich. Or for the same price, you can get a half sandwich and soup. If you can ignore the craptastic chainy logo, and just eat your fantastic sandwich, you'll be enjoying a nice cheap meal for <10.