What makes you so delicious?

I am sweet, dense, and the size of a small pie. I contain no nuts or raisins to corrupt my rich, slightly spicy cinnamon flavor.

How did you originate?

I've been made on-site since the 1920s. However, when Mae bought the place in 1988, my secret recipe left with the previous owners. For 20 years, I have been made fresh every morning using a new, superior secret recipe that has made Mae's famous.

How can I sample you if I am a shut-in, or if my legs are painted on?

No problem. You can purchase me ahead of time locally in the frozen-food section at Ken's Market in Greenwood, the Greenwood Market, and the Ballard Market and bake me at home. I come in packages of two.

Is Mae's famous for anything else?

I've heard the in-house smoked salmon, trout, and cold smoked cheeses are also worth experiencing—if you have room after a cinnamon roll. Did I mention that I weigh 13 ounces, the same as a well-fed grouse?