It's morning in America.

Or maybe it's early afternoon. All you know is that you just woke up and you're ready to go somewhere to pay someone to bring you a big plate of something. But what the hell are you going to do about it? The Stranger knows your predicament, which is why we've devoted the entirety of our spring food quarterly to breakfast, brunch, and everything in between.

In Food Fight: Morning Glory you'll find an array of writers on an array of morning-themed grub, from Bethany Jean Clement on Seattle's dramatic new wave of haute brunch to Angela Garbes on local Mexi-breakfasts to Chris McCann on the city's most heart-cloggingly brilliant greasy spoons. Elsewhere, Lindy West is required to eat a ton of bacon and a handful of intrepid souls execute hands-on searches for Seattle's best breakfast sandwich, dim sum, and bloody mary. Know of a worship-worthy breakfast spot we missed? Fill us in at

Paying More and Loving It by Bethany Jean Clement
Desayuno for the People by Angela Garbes
Booze for Brunch by Marti Jonjak
The Most Important Meal of the Day by Chris McCann
The Fruit of the Pig by Lindy West
Better than Bacon by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee
Hoisted on My Own Batard by Ari Spool
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