Tapas: It's back. Opened in the last five minutes: Txori in Belltown, Ocho in Ballard, Tidbit near Roanoke, Bilbao in the University District, and Olivar on Broadway. Of these, Ocho is the most authentic: a small, crowded bar with superdelicious, inexpensive snacks meant to go with drinking. But the bar at Tango—a Seattle favorite for a billion years—comes close, especially at happy hour (Sun–Fri 4:30–6:30 pm) and especially on half-price-wine night (Mon). Chili-cinnamon carnitas, shrimp-and-avocado ceviche, and a bottle of Albariño equals a splendid summer supper. (Tango, 1100 Pike St, 583-0382. 5–10:30 pm.)