Your staff has such warmth and affection for each other. I feel like I'm in an Olive Garden commercial.

We're like your family, but without all the guilt and nagging. We're just nice and supportive. Wedding proposals happen here constantly, and we always know about them before they happen. We're the communal pressure.

With so much communal pressure to say yes, how can there be any room for honesty?

We are the house of love. No one says no.

Where is a popular place to hide the ring?

A glass of Prosecco, or on the center of the plate with chocolate sauce surrounding it. In the food is a bad idea.

"Honey, can you throw up a little bit so I can propose to you?"

Exactly. It's just not so sexy.

Some of the decoration here is a little ridiculous.

I know, like the Christmas-light squeezey grapes? Sexy, sexy squeezey grapes. We should be called Serafina: House of Love and Sexy Squeezey Grapes.

And never-overdressed pasta dishes.

Never! Let the patrons overdress.