Pairs? Like it's wine?

Remember, clear soda never goes with red meat. And don't drink dark soda with fish.
Those nutritional charts restaurants are forced to post are a pretty amazing read. I always go looking for the worst single item - McDonalds has a single burger containing 44g's of fat. Amazing. I don't even know how they concentrated that much malaise into a single item that size, it should be quivering with kinetic energy, sadness. Especially considering a regular burrito from a local tacquira (which is about the size of your forearm) contains only 8-12g's of fat.)

More like don't order a Tripple Whopper if you want to live past 50.
I know, right? Meetup at Quinn's to laugh laugh laugh over foie gras, frogs legs, and marrow bones two ways.
I think it goes the other way around. If you are reaching for the Coke and find yourself with a Tendergrill Chikken(tm) Sandwich on your tray, you will realize from the warning that your masculinity is in doubt. *Hmmm* you are supposed to think *folks who eat this also drink those faggy diet beverages, perhaps I will be perceived as a homosexual yoga enthusiast for having this on my tray and should return to the counter and order a triple whopper.*
What the hell, if you're gonna kill yourself with the triple whopper, might as well get that extra large coke too... throw a fried egg on top and you're gold!
Not sure if "pairing" soda is more or less weird/annoying than the brief "water sommelier" fad of a year or two ago....
Burger King has either the most acutely self-aware marketeers in corporate America, or the most insanely deranged. "Crisp and clear body with a whole lotta character"? No one could write that and not be cackling gleefully at the same time.
It's obviously a snark on the sort of high-fallutin' "white tablecloth" sit-down restaurants the typical BK customer wouldn't be caught dead in - assuming they could maneuver their fat asses through the door in the first place.
Fast-food restaurants in King County all post the calorie counts on the menu these days

No, not "all". The new rule affects chain restaurants in the county that have 15 or more locations nationwide. Restaurants that have fewer locations may decide to post the data, but aren't required to do so.

So don't start yelling at that mom and pop fast food joint because they don't have the data posted.…

I could go for a burger, though.
@5, umm, that's EXACTLY what i had at Quinn's last week for dinner...were you my date?
In my opinion the only thing Sprite pairs well with is stomach flu or food poisoning.

I do feel dumb when I order a diet coke with an outlandishly high fat meal. But, I don't really do it to save calories (as if) more because I've become so used to it I actually prefer its slightly chemical burn to a regular coke's acidic bubbles eating their way down my gastro-intestinal tract.
OMG, it would be SO COOL to have a wine dispenser like this at restaurants.

Or in my living room.
Quinn's is about a gazillion times worse for your health and for your conscience (if it exists) than Burger King.

Triple Whopper with Cheese:
480.0 g
82 g fat (126% daily value)
32 g saturated fat (160% daily value)
275 mg cholesterol (92% daily value)
1590 mg sodium (66% daily value)

Foie Gras: (minus Quinn's butter sauce and lard topping and rabbit marrow blood or whatever)
480.0 g (using an equal size as a comparison)
210 g fat (323% daily value)
70 g saturated fat (350% daily value)
721 mg cholesterol (240% daily value)
3352 mg sodium (140% daily value)

Unsurprisingly, Quinn's other options like beef short ribs and rabbit semen and malignant lamb marrow tumors or whatever will kill you even faster.
@7 You need to go to Fatburger. Man, I miss working in Issaquah.
A triple Whopper once a month please! I wouldn't eat one every day but damn they are deeeliriously deeelicious. Sorry to all food moralists!
Does anyone still do the wine pairing thing except undergrads trying to impress a date?
@16: who on Earth can afford that much foie gras in this economy?
Not that I'm defending foie gras as health food, but Abby has a point. You don't eat half a kilogram of foie gras in one go.
@5, I wish, though I'm not the ideal Quinn's customer - I have yet to dare order the beef tongue hash for fear a Jacobin will lop off my head.
Cut the stats in half or even a quarter (a common foie gras serving size is 7 oz) and the foie gras will still make you fat and then kill you. I'm just saying bite for bite, Quinn's will kill you much faster than the worst Burger King has to offer.

Usually, the more unethical the food, the more unhealthy it is. I'm going to write a book called "the karma diet" -- most effective diet in the world.
@23: is this everything at Quinn's compared to Burger King, or just whatever has foie gras on it? Your logic is a little...well, let's just say irritating.
I always though burger king was a safe bet when it comes to malignant marrow tumors. But now I don't know what to think?
@23, perhaps this will short-circuit you so much you'll have to be quiet for a little while...behold, my favorite restaurant on Earth:
My morbidly obese sister and mother and father like Diet Coke over all else, especially when washing down deep fried beast and spuds. They tell me it's all about the flavor to which one is used.

I wouldn't know, though, as phenylalanine gives me a pounding migraine whenever I try it; hence, I don't drink diet soda when I do have soda.
What's the FDA nutritional info say about the Ortolan?
@24, I'm just comparing burger king's worst food compared to quinn's most unethical food. I'm not going to pull nutrition facts for quinn's entire menu, but it's all very similar. Unsurprisingly, beef tongue, marrow bones, fat sausage, and quinn's other ridiculous menu items, are even more unhealthy than foie gras.

I'm just saying Burger King isn't bad because it's a giant fast food corporation, it's bad because of unethical food sources. And quinn's is much, much worse in that regard. I'm picking on quinn's because they're currently a hot spot for sociopathic yuppies, and they are absolutely the worst in Seattle. Smith is bad too but it's hard to compete with quinn's.
@ 18, I like Whoppers too, but I really love Dick's Drive In's Delux Burger The food moralists do not need to be apologized to. They need a Dick's Delux and a side of fries.
@29, ram this up your sanctimonious ass and smoke it!!!

£2.00 Native Oysters (each)
£6.40 Ox Tongue & Butterbean Broth
£6.00 Grilled Jerusalem Artichoke & Red Onion
£9.50 Cured Beef, Beetroot & Red Cabbage
£5.80 Broccoli Vinaigrette
£6.30 Smoked Sprats & Horseradish
£8.10 Black Cuttlefish & Onion
£8.40 Smoked Eel, Potato & Watercress
£7.80 Brown Crab Meat on Toast
£6.70 Roast Bone Marrow & Parsley Salad


£21.50 Lop Ham, Carrot & Parsley Sauce
£31.50 Woodcock
£19.80 Duck Breast & Turnips
£10.80 Celeriac & Baked Eggs
£18.50 Lemon Sole & Tartare Sauce
£14.80 Tripe, Sausage & Chickpea
£16.30 Venison Liver & Lentils
£16.10 Arbroath Smokie & Parsnips
£16.20 Deep Fried Rabbit, Chips & Aioli
@29: well, you're clearly a superior human being to everyone, ever. Good for you! Yay!
@32, Abby, let's go to Quinn's and have Ljungberg Bone Two Ways.
Whatever dudez. Some people are proud of driving their Hummer H2's and throwing lit cigarette butts out the window and eating foods that kill themselves and torture animals. I'm just talking to the other people reading who care a little about life and the world.
@33: I'm in.

@34: You're still an insufferable, self-righteous prat (posting anonymously, which makes me think you're too cowardly to truly stand by your opinions) who makes your side look bad.
I wonder how much an organic apple from PCC has ...
What opinions?

Quinn's menu is generally much more unhealthy than Burger King - fact
Quinn's food is incredibly unethical - fact unless you want to argue that this is just as ethical as ballet's food across the street

Go ahead and keep killing yourself and being cruel to animals. I'm not trying to stop you, I'm just trying to inform people that don't realize the damage they're doing to themselves and the planet.

(Actually -- I would be all for banning the most horrible practices of quinn's, just like California, Israel, Argentina, and most of the European Union have done.)…

Beef tongue is almost completely protein. How is that worse for one's health than foie gras?
@37: then what's your point, other than being a cowardly Internet tough guy and making yourself feel superior? You're certainly not being effective...
The anti-Quinn's guy is making me hungry...for unethical foods. I'm not anti-whopper because of any moral objection, I just prefer making my own burgers on the grill at home.

When it comes to this stuff, I meet in the middle, you know? I throw lit cigarettes out of my car window, but I drive a super fuel-efficient Geo Metro. You won't catch me eating Big Macs, but I'd never turn down a tasty cut of veal. I use reusable cloth bags when I raid the liquor store.

I told you my point -- trying to inform people like keshmeshi who don't know how bad quinn's is but (maybe) care. Lots of people think Burger King and fast food are the worst foods out there, but they're not even close.

How am I being a tough guy? Jeez, you're the one who keeps calling me names, not vice versa. Like I said, keep on eating bad foods if you want to, I'm not trying to harass you.

Should I make up a name like Jubilation Cornball or should I just use my first name to be taken seriously on Internet? Plz advise.
what the f are you doing in burger king?
I've never been to Quinn's and wouldn't have made the effort. Now I'll make sure I go a couple times -- anything that induces sanctimony must be worth the trip.
@42: amazing how you go from "everyone who eats at Quinn's is a sociopath!" to "l'm just trying to educate!" when you get called out.

And yes, if you want to be taken seriously, use a regular, static handle and have a conversation involving more than rhetoric and hyperlinks. Otherwise, I'll continue to call you a coward and prat. (Although I'm not promising I'll stop.)
Okay okay you got me, I'm just trying to educate and insulting sociopaths is an added bonus.

@44, You should kidnap some children and shoot some puppies on the way to quinn's! That will really make those sanctimonious moral people angry!
Does anyone know the terroir of the drinks at Quinn's?
pfffffffffffffft, Quinn's.

In my book, Quinn's is notable only for it's competition with the Saint for most overpriced drinks award.

Blah balh blah no I haven't gone to every single effing yuppie place in Seattle yet blah balh blah
@42, LOL that's a funny name! Infarctionball. I hate you but I love you.
@49: It's kind of cute, isn't it? And I got to use the word prat. I don't get to nearly enough.
You should work for Pratt & Whitney.

As a 500lb man, I'll have you know that Burger King MUST be right about the Diet Coke, because they're on the money about Dr Pepper and the Quad Stacker.
Okay, no one has made this point, so I will. For most people, eating at Quinn's is a couple of times a year affair. For people who eat at fast food joints, it's a couple of times a week (or more) affair. Foie gras a few times a year isn't going to make you fat. But, a triple Whopper once a week..
The Cheesecake Factory now has a nutritional menu in Seattle because of this new law. The numbers are scary.
I would like to broach the topic of plant exploitation and cruelty to plants. There are bodies of evidence that indicate that plants respond positively to “good vibes”. Plants exposed to classical music seem more vibrant, talking to your house plants and showering them with affection may very well lead to healthier more effervescent growth.

What about the dark side? As an example let's consider for a moment white asparagus. The very best white asparagus is subjected to some of the worst vegetable cruelty I can imagine. The neonatal shoots are straining to break free of the earth, yearning to photosynthesize and respire freely. Intervention by brutal humans prevents fulfillment of this inherent genetic protocol. As these baby plants struggle to fulfill their hereditary prerogative, compost and sod are shoveled on top of them, thwarting their valiant efforts to become green adult plants basking under the sun in the open air with life-giving chloroplasts circulating in their systems.

The deck is stacked. Before these infant plants ever get a chance to break free, they are dug up, killed and butchered, never to experience the freedom and autonomy they struggled so hard to obtain. White asparagus is vegan veal!
I am deeply amused.
@56, Except white asparagus isn't kept in a locked cage where it can't move covered in feces and urine while a feeding tube gets jammed down its throat to force-feed it until it dies. Quinn only does that to animals.

@54, People eat at their favorite restaurants more than you think, and I doubt they turn around and start eating a healthy, conscious diet after treating themselves to one of the most unhealthy and cruel meals in the world.
I wouldn't take the sign by the soda fountain at BK to heart, it's clever marketing to see the menu one last time before you leave.

"Oooh, that looks good! I'll get that next time!"

But what is this "Quinns"?
King County is wasting their time with these laws.

To see why this is a bad idea, check out my latest blog post at

Comments on the page are appreciated
love whoopers and all burgers and steak and chicken and fish and all vegies. as long as it aint crotch related ill eat it. Unless shes 21 then ill eat it.

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