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Lowell's Rules the World


Worst. Seafood. Ever.

Seriously, bring some Pepto-Bismol.
Worst. Seafood. Ever.

Seriously, bring some Pepto-Bismol.
I don't get it. This was an "auction winner" so it was paid for? So who wrote it the restaurant? Shouldn't that be more clear? What a piece of garbage, why are you wasting our time with fake restaurant reviews???
I hate, hate, hated the drink after one sip and politely asked to exhange it for another - the waitress was rude and condescending in her refusal to help me out. I won't go back.
Love this place. Agree 100% with the review.
Ahh!! If I wanted to read an advertisement for the restaurant I would have checked their own page, not here!

"People love the big-ass breakfasts, the excellent clam chowder..."

Who loves these things? Why? What are they like? The point of a review is to describe the food and experience that you had, and that one can therefore expect to have should they decide to go there, not just promote the place without any explanations. Next week print a real review that might actually help and inform people!
Come on people, it's the sell out edition. Capiche?
What is wrong with you people? Lowell's is great! You Capitol Hill kids are far too cynical and jaded.
Yet again, a restaurant review where some people hate the food, and others love it. Thanks for nothing, people. Now I don't know if I should go or not.
Why are people such haters!!If you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all!!!!
It's the Strangercrombie issue. That's why the review is swayed, blogger retards. Sheesh.
I don't get it. This was an "auction winner" so it was paid for?
Yes it's The Stranger’s annual charity auction

So who wrote it the restaurant? No

Shouldn't that be more clear? No it is clear who wrote the article.
Better Than Classy
Lowell's Rules the World by Bethany Jean Clement
My English dad loves the fish and chips there! Well done Lowell!
I haven't been there in years. I always liked it. This piece makes me want to try it again.
Shuve it up your ass, Jose.
I love Lowell's. Had a friend who ate their Caesar salad every workday for five years. She was clearly addicted - but their Caesars are really good (and there are so many bad ones around).

On the other hand, my sister was visiting and accidentally spilled her wine after taking it upstairs. The staff person said, "Let me get you another." My sister said, "Thank you!" But we were charged for it. Would it have killed their bottom line to have given her a replacement glass gratis?
used to have cheap coffee

view is teriffic

tons of men to cruise - food is OK, but, well priced

have been there hundreds of times over the years, just a part of shopping in the market

now to go make my leek soup, yes, market produce
I ate a burger there once...tasted like ass. great view though!!!!!
As somebody who has worked there, just don't bother. It's enticing for the view and the old-diner feel but it's the antithesis to Market food. There's one item on the menu that's fresh from the market normally and the rest of the food comes from fucking Sysco, which is some of the nastiest shit I've seen in all of my stints in food service. It should be illegal to grill a frozen precooked low grade chicken breast and sell it for 10 bucks on a sandwich, no matter how high the overhead is.

That, and Mark (the manager) is a total dick.
I love Lowell's! Been going there for as long as I can remember- since at least 1963.
I was once a Lowell's regular and on behalf of regulars everywhere, we don't want you fucks in or critiquing our space anyway. So go home and keep your whine-ass bitching to yourself. Go stand somewhere and bob your head to death cab, fuckin' emo-pussies.
Geez, lotta haters out there, eh? These guys gave some money to charity and the stranger gave them some honest press (from our experience) its not like it was a glowing blowjob! You negative people are either pissed at someone there, jealous or just pricky people to begin with. Lowell's does a great job at what they do and they dont treat it like a Red Robin or the other end of the spectrum... a yuppie-sell-hole.
I'm sorry Jose. I'm a jerk.
Once again Kip Schoning feels compelled to post a negative comment. He is 4 for 4. Apparently nothing is good enough for his refined palate.

Want a real laugh? Google Kip Schoning. You will see that he is even a much bigger ass whip that he seems.

If I was in the financial mess he is in. 20 foreclosures this year and almost 40 more coming up, I would stop blogging get a real job and pay my bills!!!

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