Description: A Georgetown joint whose plain white walls, roll-down garage door, and authentic NASCAR stock racer brings an auto-shop feel.

Other celebrated Marco Polos: The sandwich (featuring a tasty blend of sole, lobster, and tomato), the cheap motel on Aurora Avenue (which Kurt Cobain allegedly used as a hometown hideaway), the explorer (Westerners had never encountered coconuts or crocodiles, so when Polo recounted these strange entities, many believed him to be full of shit), the infernal call-and-response swimming-pool game (no explanation necessary).

Happy hours: Mon–Sat 4–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2 domestic beer (Rainier, Coors Light), $3 microbrews (Manny's, Chopper's Red), $3 well drinks.

Happy-hour food specials: Half-price appetizers, including $4 jalapeño poppers.

Other mind-blowing bargains: Half off all liquor Mon–Thurs 8–9 pm, one-third-pound cheeseburgers for 99 cents Mon–Sat 7 pm–close. recommended