Description: A remarkably popular Eastlake eatery that serves high-end Italian cuisine.

Decor: Brick walls, elegant strings of lights.

Name origin: According to the owner, the name Serafina denotes a fiery beauty and was drawn from a character in Federico Fellini's 8½.

Discomfiting postinterview findings: The Serafina of is actually an ugly whore. Modeled after a beach-dwelling prostitute from Fellini's youth who traded her body to local seamen in exchange for sardines, La Saraghina is famously portrayed in the movie performing (for pay) a spastic, sexual dance before a group of adolescent boys.

Happy hours: Mon–Fri 4–6 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $6 house red or white wine, $3 tap and bottled beer (Red Menace, Tecate, and others), $4.50 well drinks.

Happy-hour food specials: Discounted small plates, such as $10 salsicce di coniglio (house-made rabbit sausage with red wine sauce and farro) or $6 plin (ravioli stuffed with braised pork, savoy cabbage, and Reggiano cheese). recommended