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Seventeen Years Later, Cafe Flora Gets a Makeover

Owner Nat Stratton-Clarke with some of the city’s favorite tacos. Kelly O


I love Cafe Flora - I jut wrote my review, but the stars are not showing up. This is an amazing restaurant and I have always had great service there. There food has always been exceptionally delicious for me and my dinner companions every single time I have ever dined there. Favorites are: Tofu Scramble and Yam Fries!
I was so disappointed when I walked into Cafe Flora for a brunch after its remodel. It reminded me of some horribly decorated "shabby-chic" restaurant from some tiny town in the south...but very contrived, and not as charming. I, for one, love their Hoppin' John Bean Cakes for brunch, as well as the vegetarian reuben (that is sadly not on the menu anymore). The service is always hit or miss, (with many more misses, unfortunately), and I wish they would just trap all the kid-bringers in that solarium, as I hate having a yummy meal punctuated by whining, with pleading from bad parents.
Awfully glad that a tasty, meatless alternative exists, but frankly, I'd choke on $17.50 risotto.
Wow...even if I was a rich vegan (rather than the dirt poor vegan I am) I doubt I would go here unless someone else paid. It sounds snobby and pretentious and the prices only add to it.

I think I'd rather spend that $20-$30 for one meal on a bunch of stuff at Madison Market and create a weeks worth of dinners. If you don't know how to create a weeks worth of meals (for one person, maybe two...never tried) on $30 then you A) don't know what you're doing and B) are wasteful and should just hand over you're money to me, the poor, and the homeless (LOL...take a joke, will ya?)

But seriously, I am happy they exist simply for the fact that meat eaters can see that us vegans don't starve and have more options than twigs and leaves.

The price is usually tolerable on any level if you leave a restaurant feeling like you " got what you paid for" however you wish to qualify the notion. "The portions were huge", "The service was wonderful", "Everything was seasoned perfectly", etc. When a restaurant that has already been busy on a regular basis (for years) still has frazzled service, under seasoned foods, and portions that beef up (wink) the starch and dumb down the vegetables (hello? vegetarian restaurant?) you feel in general...,underwhelmed. The preparation of food and the love of a specifically designed palate/food philosophy don't have to be mutually exclusive. Why can't a vegetarian restaurant accept their role in the system as a meatless venture and then feel free to explore truly exciting flavors and seasonal offerings? Fuck your Auntie AND her Moosewood cookbook. Make it worth my TIME and my money will follow.

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