The new Cupcake Royale at 1111 Pike opens to the public today, but last night was the art opening of the place. Now, all the Cupcake Royales show art, but they haven't always been the most interesting places to see it...

Joey Veltkamp, the artist who writes the blog Best Of, plans to change all that. He's going to be curating this CR and the other three locations, too.

The first show—curated by Roy McMakin, because wouldn't it look weird if Veltkamp curated himself into the first show?—features Veltkamp, Claudia Fitch, Jeffry Mitchell, and Ken Kelly, a slew of Seattle classics. The space was designed by McMakin.

I don't even want a cupcake and I want to go.


Many more images on Veltkamp's Flickr stream here.