The Swinery carries properly hung sausages.
  • The Swinery carries properly hung sausages.

Gabriel Claycamp's latest project, the Swinery—bacon-making plus a sustainable full-service deli/butcher in West Seattle, located inside the Seattle Fish Company on California nearnorth of the junction—was set to open today, but it's always something. He says:

Fucking hell. Construction delays (blown up compressor for the cases). Cant open till Tuesday. GRRRRRR

So, tomorrow (it is hoped!). An initial list of the Swinery's house-made products is after the jump.

And the Seattle Street Food Market—another Claycampian venture that was supposed to start in August ("The most exciting thing Seattle has ever seen is about to happen," he said in May)—what's up with that? The website's been dormant since July, and "Anxious vendor" is looking for info in comments on The Stranger's May story.

It is being worked on right now, but I have ducked out a bit to work on this [the Swinery]. We have 2 people working around the clock, but realistically it is on hold for now. Working with DPD.

The Swinery carries a wide array of butcher cuts, cheeses, deli items, and more. A full product list is coming soon; meanwhile, following are our house-made products.

Bacon Products

"Noelani's Favorite" Bacon
Bacon Burgers
Bacon Dogs
Bacon Burgers

Mexican Chorizo
Rosemary Brown Sugar Breakfast Sausage
Toulouse Sausage
Sweet Italian Sausage
Big Boy Brats
Garde Manger

Pâté de Campagne
"Praise the" Lard
Venison Terrine
Creamy Chicken Liver Pâté
Sliced Meats

Swinery Ham
Swinery Forest Ham