Food & Drink Oct 22, 2009 at 4:00 am

Chao for Now


Chow Foods shouldn't bother with a lawsuit. Chao Bistro will sink all on its own under the weight of its tacky decor and even tackier food. What is it about that spot that's cursed?
Maybe Chow Foods will sue me for the use of my weed-mailing psuedonym, "John Chow".
What about Coastal Kitchen on 15th AVE East? Sure, the furniture was used to extract confessions during the Spanish Inquisition. (The seating is toturously hard on the ass.) That is no reason to omit the joint from the Chow Foods list of eateries.

Brothers Peter and Jeremy recently split their restaurant operations. Peter continues to run Chow Foods (5 Spot, Hi-Life, Endolyne Joes, and the soon to close Atlas Foods), Jeremy created another company which runs Coastal Kitchen and Mioposto. So BJC is correct not to include Coastal in this article.
@4: Yes, thank you!
@3: If you want more details, Nancy Leson over at the Seattle Times covered their apparently amicable split.

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