Food & Drink Jan 21, 2010 at 4:00 am

Eating Good in the Neighborhood

The wonderfully named owner with the wonderful prawns. Jennifer Richards


I think it's closer to 20 years than to 15.
It occurred to me that I have yet to try the restaurants you've reviewed. WTF is wrong with me? Every time I have a chance to go to a new restaurant, my mind's blank. Time to write these recs down.

Poetry, as always.
Sad that you didn't mention the cookies. I'm not a cookie-person, but I break that persona for Louisa's. The oatmeal raisin cookies are especially good.
I read this and all that lingers is your excuse of being "young and poor" for ripping off the Eastlake Market. This is after your dropping cash for cocktails and the next morning dropping cash for cinnamon rolls, coffee and whatever else. C'mon you ripped off the place because your were (and maybe still are) a selfish person.
The departure of Louisa's saddens me a little. I had an office across the street for most of the 1990s and went there for coffee and a pastry nearly every day.

But I won't miss the cheeky "Bus your table" signs the owner placed on every table.

It's the peanut butter cookie that does it for me--outstanding. The cinnamon rolls are great. The mac n cheese, too! it's a great place and Alcena's wonderful.

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