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Seeing the Unicorn


This is my new favorite bar. But unlike the writer, I never thought the concept sounded terrible, just fun & crazy. And now that I've actually been, it really doesn't look that bizarre or "freak show" to me. It felt more like being at an especially cool restaurant in an amusement park.

The deep fried cornichons served with herbed cream cheese were so fucking delicious. Never thought I could eat so many pickles.

I must say I was dismayed to find out this was another hipster bar and not a gay bar as the name, and website would clearly suggest... oh well...
#2 - when we applied for the liquor license, there was no box to tick that says "Gay" or "Hipster". It's a bar, and everyone is welcome.
all i'd love is a fixed price on drinks. there's no way considering your situation on pike that you wont have the foot traffic, if not the word of mouth alone, to pay your rent so let's not get in a habit of charging 9 dollars for a long island. or 5 dollars for a well canada dry with a splash of whiskey. if that's the game, i'll go across the street to bimbos and get bombed for much less & come back for the ambiance. but otherwise, i'd like to call your adorable velvet victorian love seat home. let's make babies
I love it :)
caught happy hour last night. the corn dogs are superb! and i'm always happy to find PBR tall boys on special :) unicorn, i love you. and adam too!
I was a bit worried after I saw the pics on here last week that it would be obnoxious in there.Thankfully it was just the flash, it looks great in there with the red and blue lighting.Add to that a friendly staff, (Josh in the kitchen was really nice and helpful!) stiff drinks, and the fact they let me show up in my clown suit with a parade of costumed friends to play dildo ring toss and cause random chaos and confusion and they got my endorsement!

McFondle tested, McFondle approved, just like your mom!
@2. Because there are no gay bars, gay-friendly bars, or gay-heavily-populated bars on capitol hill, much less within a 3 block radius of Unicorn? So tragic. When oh when will there finally be a bar in the pike pine corridor that will allow a gay person to consume alcohol?
Adam used to be our neighbor across the street when we lived in Seattle, and he is indeed that nice. Also, this bar looks exactly like the inside of his house. :) Glad to see his dream came true.

Hi Adam!
Adam is the nicest guy in the world... you should frequent this place and give him your business and not do any judging by pictures. if you go there meet Adam and the rest of the crew. I know you will LOVE this place
Its decorated in Adams fave colors and themes and it looks amazing. This is his dream come to fruition, don't be a hater, don't listen to haters on these blogs.. they are negative douches and there is enough of that out there f em!!! go to the unicorn and do what you are suppose too. sit down enjoy a beer chat it up with your friends and relax finally someplace interesting for you to go that isn't the same old same old.
if you are negative about this place without even going you are just a jealous douche bag and you know it.
I love this Place!!!!
Does anyone know what they are planning to do with the basement? I hear they have 6000 square feet.
I can't wait until they start on the basement! It's gonna be awesome!
@12/13: I heard they have a ton of room downstairs (it goes all the way up to 12th?) but aren't totally sure what they'll do with it yet—I imagine it'll be a while. Then again, they did all that amazing work fast this time around...
The basement is 5200 sq ft. We are still working on layout options, and execution could take 12+ months. We will have pinball and other games, and there is room for a stage, but that needs licensing/permit investigation. Amazingly, there is a sprinkler system down there already, but other engineering challenges include uneven floor, inadequate plumbing, no HVAC and that we need to build stairs down from the bar.
But, yeah, as Jimmy (#13) says, it's gonna be awesome!!! :-)
@15: If Pony won't get Portland's Blow Pony, maybe you guys could get Blow Pony!

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