Paul, how does it rate against the greasy Chinese take-out joints of the East coast? This New Yorker wants to know!
I really hope that this is (1) decent and (2) able to survive at that modestly cursed location. Having americanized comfort chinese within a 2-block radius would be awesome and dangerous.
I have eaten there twice since they opened. They are 1/2 block from my house. It is ok not great but easity the best restaurant within 20 yards.
It's not a steam table... It's a bain-marie.

no really. look it up.
I don't believe this is the same Chungee's, Paul.
Will they deliver? Please, God, let them deliver.
Woo hoo! Chinese New Year's! Valentine's Day! the Olympics next door! Mardi Gras! Presidents Day! Get out and party, folks!
When you compare a "Chinese" restaurant with Panda Express, you instantly know this cannot be Chinese food. This is akin to calling the Spaghetti Factory or Domino's Pizza an Italian restuarant. I did like the description "American Chinese" as this is probably most accurate. For the record, I do enjoy the food at Panda Express and may even try out Chungee's but I won't call it Chinese.
Please, let them deliver!!! Late night chinese delivery like a real city, please!
I think its a great addition to the neighbourhood and along with the food being great, the bar is cool and the staff super friendly. They don't do delivery but who cares? Get your lazy ass off the sofa and walk down there. You can even grab a drink while you wait. If you dont like the 'Real American City " you live in , go fail in the Big Apple!
Good vegan options yes/no?
I'm 1/2 owner of Chungee's and guilty of the website screw-up. The amount of work the restaurant business requires is amazing and it caught me completely off guard- so when I went to claim our domain name and start the website, (with zero knowledge of site building) I knew I was in over my head and it was too late and it's out there for everyone. I'm laughing at myself and hoping our customers will understand, and just find the the place the good old fashioned way, and come enjoy the food and mellow ambiance until I get all this figured out- which might be never!
Thanks for everyone who understands! : )

One thing. I did have family in Menlo Park once.
any MSG?

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