Food & Drink Feb 25, 2010 at 4:00 am

Awesome, Authentic Mexican Food at El Mestizo on First Hill

Some of the good people of El Mestizo. Kelly O


Thank you Bethany for a great review. We just wanted to let your readers know about our url,
I. Am. SO. There!

Another great review, Bethany! You should be reviewing for a much larger audience, really.
I eat here at least 3 days a much better than the old "Primo Pizza" that was there.
MMMMMMMMMMMM. I want it. Now.
Having recently read the reviews of the new Weekly restaurant reviewer, I am pleasantly surprised at how much more I enjoy Ms. Clement's reviews.

It is a curious thing to read a restaurant reviewer who earnestly believes that the reader needs an insight into his soul in order to fully appreciate his dining experience. It is a far more fulfilling thing to read a restaurant reviewer that more fully understands the subject matter at hand.
i miss primos, which used to be in that spot, amazing pizza and awesome pasta, maybe its just that i like Italian better than Mexican but man, just as i was becoming a regular there, they shut down out of nowhere. i want my primos back... oh yeah and it was way cheap and tottally worth the price! but, i'll have to check out El Mestizo since i live half a block away... if only they could coexist next to each other.. haha
We ate there this past Friday night --- outstanding food and service! In reading the above review, however, I must disagree about the pricing. I thought our meals were well worth the money spent. The staff was sooooooo attentive and caring that I will go back for sure on my next trip to Seattle.
I can't wait to eat here!!
Really good entrees, with surprising flavours, but I could have used a little bit more portion-wise. Our server brought our appetizer before our drinks and then chips & salsa after that. Timing and delivery was really off, but the food was too good not give this place less than 4 stars.
The Brunch is "Vuelva a La Vida" (return to life) good. Try a large cup of hot Atole with the chicken green chili tamale. Mestizo tamales are steamed in banana leaf wrappers and spiced with Hoja Santa (hierba santa) for an authentic taste of the Oaxacan holy leaf on Sunday. The atole is spiced with Mexican canela for a softer cinnamon taste that will wake you up gently after a rough Saturday night on Cap Hill. If chicken tamales are too autentico for breakfast then give the chorizo huarache con huevos (eggs and sausage) a try for a south of the border twist.
So Seattle to see comments about the prior restaurant. I wish I formerly lived here. This place is great, and the fundido was really distinct and yummy. The margaritas were very good.

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