I imagine seal is quite tasty. I wonder if it can be found in Seattle...?
Seals are carnivores, so I doubt they would be that tasty to most folks, used to eating meat from herbivore mammals.
Meanwhile the Europeans eat foie gras.

To each his own.
@2, But unlike most carnivores that are very lean, seals are fat as fuck. That blubber seems like it would be pretty good.
You read the coast reporter??? Wtf?? Do you have a robert's creek connection?
Seal is like the chicken of the north. It's pretty common in the frigid Arctic as a foodstuff.

As a kid I lived in Bethel, Alaska for a while. One vivid memory: all the kids gathering, excited, for the butchering of a couple of seals on the beach. The luckiest kids got to eat the eyes, gouged fresh out of the dead sockets. The rest of the kids got to share the muktuk - the blubber. They gave me a piece GLEEFULLY and watched my reaction as I put it in my mouth and began to chew...... Well, I suppose it's an acquired taste (for a white girl). All I remember is that it got BIGGER as I chewed it, and my whole mouth was filled with the taste of oily seal. It defeated me. I had to spit it out - to the great amusement of all assembled.

Good times, good times.
@1 you can tell if you some one is cooking some for sure. it can some times have a strong ammonia type smell. its ok but more for people who grew up with it.
I watched Anthony Bourdain eat raw seal heart and other organ meats, freshly cut out of the animal right on the blood-soaked kitchen floor of the Inuit who killed it. Pretty amazing. Didn't really look like something I wanted to try, though.
I have been offered seal oil (like lard, but from seals). It smelled like cheese made from fish, and I could not get past the aroma to sip it. Apparently, it's packed with an amazing range of good-for-you things, particularly omega 3s and 6s.
I would question whether the organs are possibly hazardous, though--seals are pretty high on the ocean food chain and you're going to end up with the same concentrated levels of heavy metals of other ocean-going predators (tuna, shark). Granted, once a year won't likely matter to a person.
I got to try some seal oil recently. I stuck the very tip of my pinkie in a bowl of it, and sucked the oil off- and was instantly amazed by the texture. It was oilier than any other oil I've tried- it smoothly and immediately coated my entire mouth, and even after eating a whole meal (of other foods) I could still feel the texture in my mouth. It was a magical and intense experience. The flavor was one of those robust rotted fish flavors that so many cultures enjoy- I didn't love it right off but I could see acquiring a taste for it.
Every time I go kayaking, I'll see a large head pop up out of the water with a curious expression on its face (a seal). Then, when I look at it directly, it gets all flustered, like it wants to be my friend but is way too shy.

The idea of clubbing one of these friendly, curious creatures to death is unthinkable to me. When it's a question of subsistence, I'm not really against killing seals for food... but I find it completely heart-wrenching.

(...and before anyone yells at me for holding a different standard for seals than cows: I am a vegetarian).

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