Food & Drink Mar 11, 2010 at 4:00 am

In Which Portland Throws Down the Gauntlet for Mobile Chowdown III

Coming to try to kill you. Eliza Sohn


The only loser in this battle will be my toilet.
Blech. The indian, thai, and burrito trucks on 4th Ave near PSU are superior to the designer-dreck you guys are karting north. I don't want to eat Mario Batali's cooking from a cramped, undertooled kitchen, I was a freaking $5 Goa Curry plate. That's where it's at. Street food isn't about great food, it's about solid food and low prices and unbeatable convenience.
anything but marination, hipster taco trucks and skillet...
I have no beef with Patrick's Portland food cart chest thumping. After all, I've been lucky enough to partake of Potato Champion's transcendental Euro-style cone of fries (thanks to buddy Chris Devlin who magically led us to the promised land across the Hawthorne Bridge, while on a beer pilgrimage to Portland).

But we have a problem here: Who in the hell scheduled this worthy urban event around the noon hour??? The greatest thing about the 12th & Hawthorne food cart pod is that it's open late - verrry late - as in "we need some high-quality carbs after a night of drinking late (ideally good beers)".

So how about just reversing the a&p - to like 10 pm to 3 am - and making this the late night/early morning event it so much wants to be - and that buzzed Seattleites crave; i.e., a reliable source of good hot food at 2 or 3 in the that too much to ask?
I love me some motherfucking pies. They're really good.

The putine is also a treat. I moved to Seattle from Portland right when the 12th and Hawthorne lot was starting up. Shame, really.
"Whiffies" was the name we gave the socks we had our way with and then left under the bed as pre-teens.
duh whys it so early
I totally read that as Fleshlight tag. That could be a sport, but I'm not sure what the rules would be.
Wow, you sure are a grumpy bastard. I'm sure I speak for most Seattlites that the mobile chowdown isn't really about competition. It's so we can have fun with our friends, hang out, and eat lots of good food. I'm more excited that some of the Portland trucks were able to drive 3hrs up here so we'll be able to sample more carts. And the Hawaiian combo is actually very good. I suggest just cool off dude, and enjoy the good food we both have.
"vegan barbecue"? Talk about a conflict in terms...this is right up there with gay Republicans.
@10, really?
I'm glad Mr. Coleman recognized that while these three trucks may be among the best of what PDX has to offer, they are surely the most mobile. Some of the "carts" located in the fair city to our south are mobile in name only.
seriously though, I hope someone invited the Mayor. And I hope the Stranger does a big write up of this event afterwords and kicks our local politicians in the pants re: food cart licensing.
Let the battle begin.
I totally agree with Tam. This dude has totally missed the point of the whole thing. Sad.
I've frequently observed that Portland residents, particularly the hipsters, have a weird, angry, little-brother complex about Seattle. They are competitive and bitter about Seattle being the biggest and most notorious city in the Pac NW, while Seattleites, ironically, usually don't even notice. This article reeks of the same puffy-chested attitude you encounter over and over down there. Bellinghamsters and Olympians can frequently rock the same shitty mindset, btw. The whole thing would be amusing if it weren't so sad. I like all of those cities, plus the people, bands, coffee, and food carts in them. Where's the respect reciprocity?

pie guys didn't show! nice try smack talker!

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