At the 5 Point! At 6 pm! Where they'll debut their brand new happy hour menu!

Normally the new menu will be available Mon-Fri 4-6 pm, but tonight, for you wonderful Sloggers, they're extending it an hour so you can stuff your face for cheap until 7 pm. Delicious! Here's what will be available:

Happy Hour Food
Mon-Fri 4-6 pm
1/3 lb. Cheese Burger w/ lettuce, tomato, onions & fries - $2.50 !
Tobacco onion rings - $2.00
Mac & Cheese wedges - $2.50
Chorizo Quesadilla - $3.00
Deep fried Beecher's cheese curds - $3.00
Beer battered calamari w/ jalapeno aoli sauce - $3.50
2 soft shell tacos - chicken or pork - $3.00

Happy Hour Drinks
Mon-Fri 6-9 am and 4-6pm

$3.50 well drinks
and $2 domestic drafts
$3 micro drafts

Tobacco Onion Rings
  • Tobacco Onion Rings
And those "Tobacco onion rings" are not a typo—according to, Tobacco Onion Rings "use a combination of red and yellow Spanish onions dredged in flour and seasoned with cayenne pepper and paprika to create this favorite appetizer. The spicy flavor of the Rings and the darkened and shriveled apperance of the fried onions made the Onion Rings resemble shredded tobacco leaves, hence the name."

Free books, wedges of mac and cheese, onion rings that look like tobacco but don't taste like it at all... it'll be magic.