Chain. Saw. Thurs. Day. YES.
  • Chain. Saw. Thurs. Day. YES.

Tonight is Chainsaw Thursday at fancy new Mistral Kitchen, in which ace bartender Andrew Bohrer uses a chainsaw to carve ice for your drink. You may find out more over on Mr. Bohrer's highly entertaining blog (also look for his recent insane-Lego-obsession entry):

Once a week, Zane and I get a 300lb block of deoxygenated, purified, and agitated whilst freezing ice delivered to my loading dock. In short, we chop it up, while we talk about how great our employees are, how fair our girlfriends are, our hopes, our dreams and about though what we are doing is stupid, the fact that we engage in Chainsaw Thursday is proof that we have chosen the correct profession...

I want to go on the record and say that Chainsaw Thursday is not a gimmick. And that though the ice created on Chainsaw Thursday is way fucking better than anything you make in your freezer it absolutely doesn’t matter. I hand cut rocks (for any drink on the rocks) for a lot of Jack Daniels and have one cocktail on the menu, that though very tasty, I’m certain is often ordered for the ice. I do the ice because I know it is better for the guest even if they don’t, and I can’t speak for Zane, but I bet he just does this too, because he has to. Best thing about Chainsaw Thursday though, is that, I’m pretending that this is work.

A note for the financially impaired: While Mistral Kitchen is undeniably upscale, happy hour is there for you from 5 to 6 p.m. More on that over here.