artisan ice!
I was misled! Emails from Mr. Bohrer made it sound like there would be ice-chainsawing AND ice-chainsawing-remnant snowball-fighting right at the bar. Apologies to you, Nadia, and to all Suggests readers. But: At least the cocktails were good.
Personally, I was looking forward to goggle-wearing chefs using a chainsaw right before you to make your drink, before lighting it on fire with a giant blowtorch.

Le sigh.
Crap, that Bitter handshake sounds good. I was wondering when the Fernet Branca craze would reach Seattle. Stuff's awesome, and it's inspired me to seek out a whole range of similar German and Slavic bitter potions. Zwack is wonderful, and a lot easier to take than Fernet. Pelinkovac, a Croatian (I think) wormwood liqueur made in Cleveland, is a little rougher going.

And of course blood orange is world's best bitter mixer. Try it with Campari, it'll blow your mind.

Nothing like a little followup to keep the Stranger (or the venues) on their toes. This is two days in a row of FAIL.

I'm suddenly liking this whole "Yesterday..." gig a lot more. ;-)
I lol'd at "one must be brave." Cheers to small victories in booze houses.

My fear of the orb: tooth chipping potential. I'd have to make this my first drink while I could still remember to use my lips as a cushion.
Seriously, why be so vocal about the chainsaw bit if none of your patrons are even remotely involved?

Not that I'm a proponent of indoor chainsaw ice-cutting, which would be more appropriate at a Cowgirls Inc. then a bar claiming to care about good cocktails.

For all we know every decent bar in Seattle has to cut their ice this way after it's delivered, but they're not beating their chests about it every time they do an interview.

Maybe someone went overboard trying to impress a certain Ms. Bethany. :)

In all fairness, though, it sounds like a great bar and I can't wait to try it out. :)
@7, if your bar features a naked girl cutting up ice with a chainsaw on top of the bar, I'm there!
Well, that's one way to charge $12 for a drink.

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