same with my fortune cookie today, from a restaurant in North Seattle

kind of an innovative way to reach a perhaps-undercounted population if you ask me
I just filled mine out.

Feels all Biblical and shit.
I filled mine out too. But what I'm more interested in is if there are really places out there with 12 peoiple living at the same address. Because that's kinda scary.
Last night we went to our neighborhood chinese restaurant and out of seven fortune cookies, found six different census messages. They were cute. And dorky.
@3 Yes, there are. Many of them. I personally know five households of 13+ people.
I haven't got my census yet! But I did get a fortune cookie like two weeks ago with a similar message.
got the same one at bamboo garden last night! three out of the four of us at the table got census-related fortunes!
You know what would make me more likely to participate in the census? SENDING ME THE FUCKING FORM INSTEAD OF ALL THESE GODDAMN REMINDERS. Assholes.
@8 It's such a tease :(
So who's the census-loving fortune-cookie tycoon?
Seriously, I had major census blue-balls until the thing arrived in the mail today. Then it was over so quickly, and now I'm feeling vaguely empty.

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